Android & iOS mobile apps

Mobile Apps simplify the access to core system, processes and workflows of the platform. Each app is already fully integrated with the platform.

The experts could write down to the mobile apps the evaluation informations (descriptions, position, photos, documents, etc...) in real time during the surveys on site and submit the result when the inspection is completed. It will lead to a considerable time (cost) saving and better data quality.

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Mobile apps are the solution to mitigate communication and data entry latency. Reamply provides a set of applications designed to drive experts during their daily activities, by reducing time consuming and costs because of its intuitive handling and fast loading time.

Schedule activities

Accept/refuse appraisal assignment and policy, declares no conflict of interest and schedule appointments

Site inspection

List/update/upload/download appraisal information during the inspection (position, documents, descriptions, media)

Notifications and communications

Notification of assignment, reminder of appointments and direct message to be always up to date


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