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Functionalities and Workflow to support users in their daily operations

Either workflow and functionalities are designed to reduce re-working activities and improve efficiency with a focus on delivery quality. All customers standard processes are integrated within the platform and vice versa.

The experience gained in real estate gave birth to the functionalities available in the platform. They can all be customized to better adapt to client's needs

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Essential functionalities

Workflows and functionalities to support users in their daily operations and manage conflict of interest.

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Appraisal Management

Simplify the filling and management of appraisal form and make customer processes easier.

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Back office

Powerful tools to manange every step of the purchasing cycle included sales and payment procedures.

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Automatic procedures to improve the evaluation activities, like assignment and market value estimation .

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Security and Compliance

Compliance with local laws and regulations concerning privacy and security.

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Flexible and scalable infrastructure to satisfy business and sizing requirements and capable to scale for new customers/partners.

Appraisal Management Platform


During the assessment, requirements regarding the workflow design, automation and improvement will be collected.
We will be able to build custom workflows based on client’s actual needs. Before any customization, it will always be available a «Standard residential appraisal workflow»


Appraisal request

  • Tracking client/project SLA

Local Specialist Assignor

Taking charge

Sending to Expert

  • Expert Suggestion (based on location, workload, etc.)
  • Expert / supplier fee calculation
  • Purchasing cycle

Local Specialist

Taking charge

Site inspection

  • Appointment for inspection
  • SLA suspension

Local Specialist

Site inspection

Sending to Revisor

  • Mobile apps to manage position, informations, descriptions, photos, etc.
  • Upload appraisal documents

Audit Specialist Assignor

Taking charge

Sending to Revisor

  • Revisor Suggestion (based on location, workload, etc.)
  • Revisor / provider Fee calculation
  • Purchasing cycle

Audit Specialist

Taking charge

Sending to Client

  • Final check and correction of the appraisal
  • Sending to Client
  • AVM
  • Fee calculation
  • Sales cycle

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